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GNUstep ProjectCenter/Gorm/AClock running Ubuntu 10.04

Download sources GNUstep (stable or unstable) to compile;

First you need to check dependencies in ubuntu and install with sudo apt-get or search before with apt-cache command;
almost every package ends with *-dev in ubuntu repositories

this command will install all dependencies for compile:
~$sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libcairo2-dev libxt-dev

GNUstep Make
compiling GNUstep make is our first target; it's the primary package to compile GNUstep applications.
get the package, untar and change into the folder and compile:

~$tar xzvf gnustep-make-2.4.0.tar.gz
~$cd gnustep-make-2.4.0/
~$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep/ --enable-native-objc-exceptions
~$sudo make -E install

*NOTE: the options /usr/local/GNUstep/ is the folder where all the GNUstep is going to install. the second option --enable-native-objc-exceptions enable the @try, @catch, @throw, @finally…

GNUstep: compilando desde cero en Fedora 21

Una vez más queremos compilar desde cero GNUstep ahora en Fedora 21
siguiendo los lineamientos del wiki de GNUstep.

Para ejecutar el script con la configuración default de core/make utilizamos el path:
$ . /usr/local/share/GNUstep/Makefiles/

instalamos libffi para compilar base
$sudo dnf install libffi-devel

$sudo dnf install libxml2-devel
$ sudo dnf install libxslt-devel gnutls-devel
intentando generar los makefile de core/base con $ ./configure

ahora obtenemos un error:

You do not appear to have usable ICU headers/libraries.
Building without them will disable major functionality.
If you really want to build gnustep-base without ICU,
add --disable-icu to the configure arguments.
configure: error: Missing support for International Components for Unicode (ICU).
---Parece que todo el mundo depende de ICU--

$sudo dnf install libicu-devel
parece que todas estas dependencias de desarrollo instaladas generan un configure/makefiles completos o suficientes para compilar el código de …

Changing Background GWorkspace

GWorkspace application in GNUstep, is like the equivalent to Nautilus under GNOME. It has interesting features that I'm beginning to love, right now I believe GNUstep is for UNIX-geek-old-fashioned.

Here is the screenshot for changing the background image, you need to go to Info->Preferences->Desktop (drop down) then click Choose button for search the image.
I'm running GNUstep compiled in Ubuntu 10.04 and the image comes from the folder /usr/share/backgrounds/

Another really cute functionality of GWorkspace is start applications from their installation folder, you need to open the viewer from menu View->Viewer and go to the installation application folder (in my case compiled from sources: /usr/local/lib/GNUstep/Applications) then a double-click starts the application (*.app)