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Branding and Customizing SharePoint 2007

  • Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites
    1. Understanding Web Content Management and the Default Features
    2. Extending WCM
    3. Creating and Configuring WCM-Enabled Sites

  • How CSS Works with Master Pages P1,
  • Approaches to Creating Master Pages and Page Layouts in SharePoint Server 2007
  • CSS Reference Chart for SharePoint 2007
  • .COM Branding (Webcast)
  • Page Branding (Webcast: Adrew Connell)
  • Understanding and Creating Customized and Uncustomized Files in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • SharePoint's Branding And Limitations:
  • Another great recompilation of links for branding and customizing.
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    unit testing

    1. Forgetting Red to Green
    2. Poor Naming Conventions
    3. Unclear purpose
    4. Code Organization
    5. Unit vs Integration Test Confusion [24:06]
    6. No Code Coverage on Exceptions
    7. Giving Up On The User Interface [50:04]
    8. Fixing Bugs Without Unit Tests
    9. Useless Code Coverage
    10. Stop Mocking Me!
    • Giving Up On Legacy Apps
    • Un-testable Architectures
    • Not Doing Interface-Driven Programming
    • Not Doing Dependency Injection


    • QA's Are People Too... you'll really should treat them ... they are human beens [53:00]
    • Just because you have 100% code coverage, doesn't mean that your code works. It only means that you've executed every line. (Scot Hanselman).

    Get Microsoft Silverlight


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    Recreating the ShowDesktop Win2003

    These steps re-create the icon;

    • Open Notepad or any other text editor;
    • Type:


    • Save the file as 'Show desktop.scf';
    • Move this shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar
    Credit goes to: Leon Meijer's Weblog

    Reflector Pro; with Debug

    you must have this utility for SharePoint ninjas...


    domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

    SharePoint 2007 Cumulative Updates

    I need to restore backup site in my dev environment
    but after applying the command

    stsadm -o restore -url http://localhost:8080 -filename sitebackup.bak

    i got the error

    Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file should be restored to a server with version '' or later.

    Thank you to SharePointDevWiki i got the answer where to look for updates CU.
    hope this works.

    LINQ to SQL

    Linq has been around for a few years; I always review web references and almost you find everything out there. Check this foundational series:

    martes, 20 de julio de 2010

    GNUstep ProjectCenter/Gorm/AClock running Ubuntu 10.04

    Download sources GNUstep (stable or unstable) to compile;

    First you need to check dependencies in ubuntu and install with sudo apt-get or search before with apt-cache command;
    almost every package ends with *-dev in ubuntu repositories

    this command will install all dependencies for compile:
    ~$sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libcairo2-dev libxt-dev

    GNUstep Make
    compiling GNUstep make is our first target; it's the primary package to compile GNUstep applications.
    get the package, untar and change into the folder and compile:

    ~$wget ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/core/gnustep-make-2.4.0.tar.gz
    ~$tar xzvf gnustep-make-2.4.0.tar.gz
    ~$cd gnustep-make-2.4.0/
    ~$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep/ --enable-native-objc-exceptions
    ~$sudo make -E install

    *NOTE: the options /usr/local/GNUstep/ is the folder where all the GNUstep is going to install. the second option --enable-native-objc-exceptions enable the @try, @catch, @throw, @finally in code.

    GNUstep Environment Variables
    in command shell execute the script

    ~$ . /usr/local/GNUstep/System/Library/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh

    GNUstep Base
    gnustep-base is the second package in order; return up one folder and get the package, untar and change into the folder and compile:

    ~$cd ..
    ~$wget ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/core/gnustep-base-1.21.1.tar.gz
    ~$tar xzvf gnustep-base-1.21.1.tar.gz
    ~$cd gnustep-base-1.21.1/
    ~$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep/
    ~$sudo -E make install

    *NOTE: the option -E in sudo command allow execute the command as super user but preserving the environmental variables of the user.GNUstep GUI

    ~$cd ..
    ~$wget ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/core/gnustep-gui-0.19.0.tar.gz
    ~$tar xzvf gnustep-gui-0.19.0.tar.gz
    ~$cd gnustep-gui-0.19.0/
    ~$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep/
    ~$sudo -E make install

    GNUstep Backend

    cd ..
    ~$wget ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/core/gnustep-back-0.19.0.tar.gz
    ~$tar xzvf gnustep-back-0.19.0.tar.gz
    ~$cd gnustep-back-0.19.0/
    ~$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep/
    ~$sudo -E make install

    Then compile ProjectCenter here the screenshot (make & make install)

    I also compiled AClock and runs fine

    for Gorm we apply the same steps run make inside the untarred folder
    but for install try the following command:
    ~$sudo -E make install
    then to run
    ~$openapp Gorm.app

    if you receive a error message like this (running AClock.app)

    ~/prog/objc/aclock/aclock-0.3$ openapp ./AClock.app
    2010-07-21 08:38:39.001 AClock[4142] Did not find correct version of backend (libgnustep-back-019-019.bundle), falling back to std (libgnustep-back-019.bundle).
    2010-07-21 08:38:39.006 AClock[4142] NSApplication.m:304 Assertion failed in initialize_gnustep_backend. Unable to find backend libgnustep-back-019
    /home/eduardo/prog/objc/aclock/aclock-0.3/AClock.app/AClock: Uncaught exception NSInternalInconsistencyException, reason: NSApplication.m:304 Assertion failed in initialize_gnustep_backend. Unable to find backend libgnustep-back-019

    then you need to set the backend installed
    in stable backend package (libart):~$defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBackend libgnustep-back

    in unstable backed package(cairo):
    ~$defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBackend libgnustep-cairo

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    PowerShell for SharePoint 2010

    If you want to learn about Power Admin SharePoint 2010
    you will need this resources for PowerShell Learning:

    2 main branches or flavors, although 2nd is a subset of the first:
    1. PowerShell for SharePoint Server 2010
    2. PowerShell for SharePoint Foundation 2010
    3. Office 365 Jump Start (03): Microsoft Office 365 Administration & Automation Using Windows PowerShell™
    4. Stsadm to Windows PowerShell mapping (SharePoint Foundation 2010)
    NOTE: PowerShell also applies to SharePoint 2007 good examples also here.

    Record your PowerShell 2.0 session with a transcript
    using SharePoint Web-Services with PowerShell (changing Created By)

    SharePoint 2010 Virtual Labs

    I took the information of this blog;

    TechNet Virtual Labs:
    also from this blog a reference to some others, Developing:

    SharePoint Server Virtual Labs
    TechNet Virtual Labs: SharePoint Products and Technologies

    When ready please see review Microsoft eLearning (mid 2010)

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    Toshiba Satellite A505-SP6023M & ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Toshiba sucks for Ubuntu 10.04LTS, my eyes are getting blow up, because of the fu...ing screen brightness can't be set with:
    $> toshset -lcd [0,1...7]
    by default. I'm still looking for ways to surpass this limitation... If you know something about it please let me know in a comment an url anything to get this thing done!!

    Para la version 12.04 de ubuntu este comando funciona a la perfección además de que las teclas de brillo fn-f6-f7 también funcionan

    $>echo "3" | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness

    lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

    domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

    My Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop

    GNOME 2.30 has been released, it's an amazing step toward 3.0 and this is how it looks in my desktop, amazing look i guess and cheaper oh what the hell, IT'S FREE!!

    You should take a look some video from GNOME community

    Persona Theme highly recommended for Firefox

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    Free Linux Training Webminar Series

    Starting in March, The Linux Foundation will be offering free Linux Training webinars taught by well-known Linux developers directly building on their own experience. This is an excellent opportunity to learn directly from key developers and to experience a sample of the type of courses offered through our Linux Training program.

    Upcoming Webinars

    "How to Work with the Linux Community"
    by LWN.net editor and kernel developer Jon Corbet
    » Sign Up Now

    "Introduction to Embedded Linux"
    by author Jerry Cooperstein
    » Sign Up Now

    "An Introduction to Git"
    by kernel maintainer and TAB chair James Bottomley

    “Linux System Troubleshooting and Tuning” and “Linux Administration 101” by Linux author and community manager Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier

    “A Linux Filesystem Overview” and “Linux Virtualized Storage” by TAB member and kernel developer Christoph Hellwig

    “Btrfs: An Intro and Update” to the new file system for Linux, by project lead and TAB member Chris Mason

    “Linux Performance Tuning” by North America’s first kernel developer Ted Ts’o

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    Preview Ubuntu 10.04 LTS The Lucid Lynx (Alpha 3)

    Ubuntu 10.04 en su preview tiene colores tipo macosx

    Amazon EC2 - SharePoint 2010 Desarrollo

    Estoy analizando si puedo montar mi propio SharePoint 2010 en Amazon EC2
    aquí dos referencias valiosas para empezar:
    Para saber que opciones no habilitar y no generar mucho almacenamiento que mientras mayor mas te cobre AEC2.
    este link inclusive muestra los costos. Para tomar un curso en línea sería ideal, ya que contar con una computadora por ahora con esas características esta fuera de mi alcance por el momento. Aunque ya he visto varios blogs de gente que a montado sus ambientes de desarrollo en Windows 7 laptops con CoreDuo y 4 GB de memoria y esas configuraciones ya las puedes encontrar en las tiendas departamentales acá en Monterrey, N.L.
    generalidades de sharepoint services en EC2.


    domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

    Hacia Gnome 3.0

    Nuevas formas de buscar información de tu escritorio se están cocinando para Gnome3, en esta página un prototipo de interfase donde se explica como podría ser re-diseñado Nautilus el explorador de documentos de Gnome.

    En este otro video se muestra como Docky integrado al motor de búsqueda Zeitgeist, actualmente yo uso Docky en openSuse 11.2 y prácticamente a sustituido al menú de abrir programas tradicional; además de que en openSuse 11.2 (el primer suse que uso) es demasiado lento.

    domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

    Amazing Citrix

    Ok i have to say Citrix is an amazing windows centric company, it really push the Xwindows concepts of remote display to the microsoft windows world, but now this days it is totally a dream what they could produce.

    under the hood OKL4 microkernel in action!!

    This is insane please go ahead and check an Android device running Office 2007

    Amazing stuff from OKLabs!!

    Porting G-Streamer to OK Posix Cell from OK Labs on Vimeo.

    Chrome OS Tablet

    Take a look...apparently pictures released before iPad.

    Article from here!

    Mobile's War has begun

    Are going to see in near future the end of flash player on mobile?
    Are we going to see iPhone die?

    take a look how Jobs is getting mad, and Google wants all the web Cake...

    The Next Generation of Mobile Devices Application

    from BONDI Framework

    Episode 12: Tim Haysom on the Open Mobile Terminal Platform from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

    Also you can go directly to development tools of BONDI on linux from LiMo Foundation.

    sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

    ELC 2009 videos

    This is great, you wanna know about Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) past year (2009), just click here. Great stuff!!. I hope to know about the published videos from this year (2010) conference.

    Googles Drivers out of main line kernel

    google abandoned its driver from main line linux kernel and they are being dropped from kroah blog.

    jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

    Building SQL Anywhere Server Applications with .NET

    webcast: http://video.sybase.com/ianywhere/building-sql-any-server-apps-with-net/Building-SQL-Anywhere-Server-Applications-with-NET.html

    Online Training

    O'Reilly partners to offers online training, Android, iPhone


    SharePoint 2010 Webcast

    SharePoint Developers
    1. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 1 of 8): What's New for Developers (Level 100)
    2. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 2 of 8): Developing Rich Solutions in Silverlight (Level 400)
    3. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 3 of 8): Customizing Search Results (Level 200)
    4. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 4 of 8): Building Business Applications with Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 (Level 100)
    5. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 5 of 8): Developing for SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 (Level 100)
    6. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 6 of 8): Developing with the New User Interface Features in SharePoint 2010 (Level 100)
    7. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 7 of 8): Developing with SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions (Level 100)
    8. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010 (Part 8 of 8): Developing with Data Technologies in SharePoint 2010 (Level 100)

    SharePoint Webcasts from Microsoft
    InfoPath and Form Services 2010:
    *NOTE: from InfoPath Solutions link above: Visual Studio 2010 does not include the InfoPath form template projects that were provided in previous versions of Visual Studio. You also cannot use Visual Studio 2010 to open or edit an InfoPath form template project that was created in a previous version of Visual Studio. However, you can open and edit an InfoPath form template project by using Visual Studio Tools for Applications. For more information, see Working with VSTO 2008 Projects in InfoPath 2010..

    SharePoint Designer/Branding/PowerUser:
    SharePoint Service Application
    Web Parts
    Patterns / Best Practices
    Web Services

    Online (Office 365)

    Virtual Machine: 2010 Information Worker Demostration (Using the SharePoint 2010 Information Worker Demonstration VM with VMware Step-by-Step)

    Videos de Tecnologías Microsoft en línea

    Contrate estos cursos en línea http://www.learndevnow.com/ un montón de videos por 49.99 dolares parece buena opción.
    Actualmente puedes hacer mantenerte suficientemente capacitado en las últimas tecnologías por un precio muy bajo en línea e inclusive gratis/free; Sólo tienes que estar buscando los webcast en toda la web y agendar bien tus tiempos para tomarlos o mínimo apuntarte y después recibir el email del webcast archivado, muchas veces inclusive puedes bajar el video.
    Los webcast de Microsoft son un buen ejemplo de como mantenerse informado.

    55% descuento

    Microsoft esta subsidiando las certificaciones para estudiantes,
    Get Microsoft Silverlight


    tambien el win7 lo subsidian para estudiantes 400 pesos en mexico el upgrade.

    seran socialistas o....

    domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

    iPad Presentation

    ok is a nice product, but I've been watching this kind of mobile devices from here
    and guess what, linux is inside!

    sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

    Arreglando el Sonido en ubuntu 9.10

    Para tratar de arreglar el sonido en ubuntu 9.10 sobre todo los relacionados con flash y los browsers (firefox, chrome, epiphany y midori) ejecute las siguientes instrucciones de este blog


    esto tambien hizo que funcionara el sonido en mi cliente Boxee.

    Al parecer ubuntu 9.10 es la peor version de canonical con respecto al sonido.
    Después de aplicar todos estos pasos regresé a instalar PulseAudio, pues casi todas
    las aplicaciones de música por default que trae Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) dejaron de funcionar: rythmbox, applet del sonido, etc. Pero sobre todo la que aplicación de sonido que he empezado a usar mucho Songbird --para mi es un iTunes Killer-- bueno nunca use iTunes :p

    La integración con PulseAudio es casi total, asi que más vale que Ubuntu arregle los problemas para la siguiente versión que es Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.

    miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

    Capacitación en línea

    Python, uno de los lenguajes soportados en la GoogleApps
    beginning: python, ShowMeDo.

    jQuery commercial screencast: Peepcode.com

    SharePoint 2010, la tecnología de mayor crecimiento en micro$oft

    Learning Snack for Developers:
    Microsoft eLearning:
    SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Implementers' Course

    Developing on SharePoint 2010

    Getting Start
    LINQ for SharePoint 2010 Tutorial

    Advanced Developer Training
    Formal Training:
    Microsoft: Portal Oficial de SharePoint 2010; guías generales, marketing etc.

    Migration from 2007 to 2010
    Channel 9 Webcast/Conferences

    Administrator/IT Consultant must know Information:

    Videos Demos and Training Getting Started with SharePoint Server 2010 for IT Pros
    Advanced IT Professional Training:
    Compare SharePoint Editions
    Operations and manageability for SharePoint Server 2010

    SharePoint 2007,
    Ramp up
    1. Track: SharePoint for Developers – Part 1
    2. Track: SharePoint for Developers – Part 2
    Business Data Catalog
    User Controls

    Web Parts
    Commercial Videos:
    1. Trainsignal SharePoint 2007/2010 Training
    2. Point8020 (watch 12 hours of free, in-depth developer training)
    3. Lynda.com SharePoint 2007/2010
    4. Total Training: Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
    5. SharePoint-Videos.com / 2007 and 2010
    6. Pluralsight: SharePoint Services Fundamentals for Developers On-Demand (wss3.0, MOSS 2007)
    7. VTC Computer Software Training
    8. LearnDevNow: SharePoint Library (2007/2010)
    9. AppDev: Microsoft SharePoint Trainig
    10. Pilothouse Consulting: SharePoint Training DVDs (2010/2007/2003)
    11. CBT Nuggets:
    12. USPJ Academy
    13. Sahil Malik: SharePoint 2010 & 2007 Franklins.Net Video Training
    14. Welcome to the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users

    1. Best SharePoint blogs (2007/2010)
    2. Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Launch: A summary of Technical Content that Matters to Developers

    Datos personales