sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Branding and Customizing SharePoint 2007

  • Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites
    1. Understanding Web Content Management and the Default Features
    2. Extending WCM
    3. Creating and Configuring WCM-Enabled Sites

  • How CSS Works with Master Pages P1,
  • Approaches to Creating Master Pages and Page Layouts in SharePoint Server 2007
  • CSS Reference Chart for SharePoint 2007
  • .COM Branding (Webcast)
  • Page Branding (Webcast: Adrew Connell)
  • Understanding and Creating Customized and Uncustomized Files in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • SharePoint's Branding And Limitations:
  • Another great recompilation of links for branding and customizing.
  • domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

    unit testing

    1. Forgetting Red to Green
    2. Poor Naming Conventions
    3. Unclear purpose
    4. Code Organization
    5. Unit vs Integration Test Confusion [24:06]
    6. No Code Coverage on Exceptions
    7. Giving Up On The User Interface [50:04]
    8. Fixing Bugs Without Unit Tests
    9. Useless Code Coverage
    10. Stop Mocking Me!
    • Giving Up On Legacy Apps
    • Un-testable Architectures
    • Not Doing Interface-Driven Programming
    • Not Doing Dependency Injection


    • QA's Are People Too... you'll really should treat them ... they are human beens [53:00]
    • Just because you have 100% code coverage, doesn't mean that your code works. It only means that you've executed every line. (Scot Hanselman).

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