viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Recreating the ShowDesktop Win2003

These steps re-create the icon;

  • Open Notepad or any other text editor;
  • Type:


  • Save the file as 'Show desktop.scf';
  • Move this shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar
Credit goes to: Leon Meijer's Weblog

Reflector Pro; with Debug

you must have this utility for SharePoint ninjas...

domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

SharePoint 2007 Cumulative Updates

I need to restore backup site in my dev environment
but after applying the command

stsadm -o restore -url http://localhost:8080 -filename sitebackup.bak

i got the error

Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file should be restored to a server with version '' or later.

Thank you to SharePointDevWiki i got the answer where to look for updates CU.
hope this works.


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