jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Dealing with MOSS Session State

In the code for an SharePoint application page i'm getting NULL for HttpContext.Current.Session;
so I'm looking for information related to why this is happening.
Until now only found these blogs with information related to state and SharePoint:

Enabling Session State in SharePoint 2007 I first thought this was my problem but from this book (chapter 7: Database Security for SQL Session State), found that the session state tables live in my SharePoint services provider database (default created: SharedServices1_DB) and also found this blog(it fixes other issue with session state) about how to extract the sql script from command aspnet_regsql.exe

aspnet_regsql -sstype c –d [YOUR SSP DB NAME] -sqlexportonly fix.sql –ssadd

in my case

aspnet_regsql -S vpc03 -sstype c –d SharedServices1_DB -sqlexportonly fix.sql –ssadd

Note: i added the -S paramenter to specify my server name "vpc03".

Unfortunately I'm still stuck with Session NULL :(

Here was posted how to enable the session state in web.config of SharePoint application; only need to review this tag:

page enableSessionState="true"

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