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merging VirtualBox Snapshots

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Re: Possible to merge snapshot with base VDI?

Postby AntiMatter » 13. Mar 2009, 17:44

) with the current State (so that I only have 1 large vdi-file instead of 2, and that the 'current state' is also the only state)
Right click on current state (changed)
Select 'Discard current snapshot and state'?

And after this I have no more snapshots AND I haven't lost any data?
DON'T do that. You WILL lose you latest change made after the snapshot. This was what I've done, whcih was the reason I went after documentation for clarification about this snapshot mess. What you should do to merge the snapshot into the VDI is:

- Right click on the snapshot (Snap1 in your case)
- Select Discard Snapshot (Ctrl+Shift+D)

That's it

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